Ravagers of Evolution (RoE) Wiki



Recruitment Status: We are recruiting for 10 man SoO and 20 man WoD


Raid Days

Wednesdays - progression raid

Thursdays - progression raid

Fridays - alt normal raid

Saturdays - flexi raid (if people are around)

Sunday - progression raid

Monday - progression raid


Raid Times

7.30pm GMT+8 WAST/Singapore time or 10.30pm AEST without DLS on the listed days


Who to contact for recruitments (whispers or in-game mail)

Smokedod/Crankum - Smokedod#6282


Zenaden/Eldoure/Eldriane - Eldyouseekay#1320

Lighthouse/Nyde - Consuela#6815

Yahrurkh/Yahrghrr/Grazghskull (site admin, if you see wierd shit and/or cannot post your guild app) - Yahrghrr#6981


How to apply and what are we recruiting

For non-Guild Launch users/open applications, use this link below:



Check the widget to the left and click on 'Apply to Guild (Private applications)' (registration required). Fill in the form and post it. We will reply on the forums and in-game.


10 man Heroic vs 20 man Mythic raids

RoE is still progressing in 10 man SoO raids but is building up raiders to fill in 25 mans when 6.0 hits. If you do apply for the Mythic raids, please check with Smokedod on available spots in the existing 10 man progression runs and/or if you are only applying for the 20 man Mythic raids when the patch comes out.



Casuals are welcome to join and do not have to go through the regular recruitment process. Just contact any of those listed above for a quick Q&A session before getting an invite. What we expect from casual players:

  • Don't be a mute - interact with the guild
  • Don't be an @$$ - really... in the guild and out of it e.g. in trade
  • Try to join guild hosted activities - H-scenarios, H-dungeons, Flexi runs, alt normal runs, etc


Mumble Details

Ask in game for details