RoE was created on Khaz’Goroth by a group of friends re-rolling when the realm was started. It has grown since that start and has maintained itself as an endgame raiding guild and is now focused on 25-man content.

We are a Horde guild playing in the +8GMT time zone. Our member base consists mainly of Australians and Singaporeans, but includes many other regions.

Our aim is to provide a balance between endgame progress and allowing members to maintain a real life. Having fun, while showing respect for each other, is a key attribute of the guild.

RoE is not a militant guild, and as such, values the input of all its members. Raiders and higher-rankeds are all expected to provide input and feedback on strategies, guild issues and in general, help sustain a productive environment.

Maintain a top 3 Horde progress on the server

Provide an enjoyable guild atmosphere where performance and effort are recognised and rewarded

Ensure all raiders have a clear understanding on what is expected of them

Keep drama to a minimum via fair loot distribution and by dealing with any issues before they have a chance to blow up

General Rules:
Respect to other members of the guild must be maintained. If you have any issues with a fellow guild member please raise it with an Officer or a Role Leader. We understand that jokes and online “1337” speak are all part of the game and that sometimes things are taken the wrong way. If issues continue to be reported from multiple sources about a given member, action will be taken, be it a warning at first, reduction in rank or ultimately the removal from the guild. This is more strictly enforced in the guild, role and raid channels than private channels.

RoE members should not be involved in any bad behaviour on the server; this includes loot issues in pugs and being overly disrespectful to others. Trolling and jokes in trade chat and public forums are acceptable within reasonable limits. If your actions are seen as damaging the guild's reputation, then you will be asked to stop. Officers will discuss any action to be taken based on the events.

Loot Rules:
RoE uses EPGP + Loot council. EPGP is effort points divided by gear points to give a ratio. Loot is awarded to the raider with the higher ratio, note this means ranks lower than a raider will not win a bid on loot unless no one else bids or the loot council wishes to reward a member for helping. The loot council can overrule EPGP, but this is very rare and is usually when gear is required for the tanks or a specific requirement for a boss. Like wise the loot council may pass over raiders who's total EP is considered low when BiS or low drop rate gear is being bid on. The council also overrules when an item is clearly favouring a class or role. e.g. a healer bidding on an item with hit.

Effort Points are awarded for the following:
• Boss kills: 100 per kill, 50 per farmed boss
• Progression Bosses: 10 per hour and 250 for first kill
• Being on standby for a raid: 50% of EP awarded to the raid
• EP is decayed on a weekly basis to reduce hording of points and to ensure long breaks from raiding are reflected in loot preferences.

Gear points are calculated based on the ilevel and the item slot.

When loot drops, one of the officers or class leaders will ask for tells to be sent. If you are interested in the item, send them a “tell” and let them know if it’s main set or offset loot. If offset is not specified, it will be assumed it is for your main spec.

Offset loot, is loot that is not for your main raiding spec. If you bid offset and no main specs wants it, then the loot is awarded as offset and costs 0 gear points. If multiple bidders are bidding offset, then it is awarded to the member who uses that offspec to benefit raids the most. The members overall effort points and how much offset loot they have is also considered. Offset is awarded at the loot council’s discretion and may refuse off set bids if it is seen as a means to obtain free loot for a main spec.

Members Ranks:
GM – The Guild Master of RoE is currently Inken. The GM is the final escalation point of any issues and is the final say on guild decisions. The GM also performs the role of an officer.

Officers – The officers run the guild, this includes dealing with recruitment, loot and performance management of the members and their ranks. There is an officer to cover each key role of raiding; Tanking, Ranged DPS, Melee DPS and Healing. Officers are also responsible for ensuring there is an agreed strategy for each boss fight and providing leadership within the raid. Officers are voting members of the loot council and for key decision within the guild.

Role Leads – Role leaders are long term players who the Officers have delegated some of their authority to in order to help run the guild. They are equal to officers other than the officers and ultimately the GM may over rule them. Role leaders are voting members of the loot council.

Veteran – Veterans receive preference for raid slots and in return are expected to;
• Contribute to strategies
• Maintain a high attendance
• Have an above average performance for their role
• Assist other members of their class to maximise their output
Veterans may also assist in organising roles within a raid

Raiders – The Raider rank is probably the most important rank, this is due to raiders being eligible to raid and in general they makeup the highest % within a given raid. Raiders must achieve a suitable performance and attendance rate to maintain their rank as a raider.

Members – Members are friends of the higher ranked members, they are in the guild for social interaction and for off night raids. They may also be asked to raid when class balance cannot be met with the higher ranks.

Alts – The name says it all, these are alternatives of guild members of all ranks other then Applicants (see below)

Applicants – Members who have been accepted in to RoE with a goal to become raiders. They will undergo a two week trial to make sure their performance and attitude are aligned to RoE. If they fail this period the responsible Class Lead or Officer may choose to; extend the trial, allow them to continue to be in RoE as a member rank or remove the applicant from the guild. Applicants can not have Alts in the guild until they pass their two week trial.

Veterans and Raiders are expected to maintain 75% raid availability. It is important to post on the forums when you are not available to raid. Failure to do this or falling below the required attendance will reduce your chances of being selected for raid slots. If it continues you will have your rank reduced.

Raid member’s performance is continuously evaluated by the officer’s and class leaders. This is generally done by how well you perform your set task as well as via the evaluation of combat logs and various meters. The Officer and Class Leader understand not all classes, roles and gear are equal and these numbers are only used as indicators, not absolute values. Raid member’s attitudes and knowledge of fights will be weighted equally to outright performance.

All raiding members are expected to be prepared for raids this includes; knowing strategies, having the correct spec's for pve raids and consumables like flasks, foods, potions and reagents. It is also expected that raiding members put the effort in to their gear in regards to enchanting and gems. We do not expect to see un-enchanted gear or low quality gems being used. Failure to bring consumables and correctly enchanted gear will count against your overall performance.

If a Veteran or Raider is seen as performing below expectations a class leader or officer will inform them of the issues and agree a time line for it to be addressed. If this is not achieved the issues will be raised with the Officers and the GM and a decision will be made around the members rank or is other actions are required. Other actions may include a cool off period from raiding.

If you have issues with a fellow member’s performance, it is not your job to call them out on it. Please provide the feedback to an officer or class leader. Constructive two way conversations are healthy, as long as both raiders are willing participants.

Raid Times:
RoE official raid nights are Wednesday, Friday, Sunday and Monday. Raids are held at 9:30pm server time, until ~1:00-1:30am server time. Invites start at 9:15pm and it is expected members be in the instance ready to start at 9:30pm. (DLS times are 10:30pm - 2:00am Server time. 7:30pm - 11:00pm for +8GMT locations).

Off nights are generally when RoE members run 10 man raids. RoE members are free to pug 10 mans, but we do encourage you to run them as a guild as they help people gear up and learn the strategies.

Guild Bank:
Items in the guild bank are generally free for all raid rank members and higher when the equipment is for their main spec. This extends to enchantment materials, but due to the limited amount we do encourage members to fund enchants where they can.

Gear of off specs and lower ranks will also be free once the equipment is deemed not wanted by raiding members’ main specs. If you see an item in the bank you are interested in, please do not hesitate to ask a Class leader or Officer if the item is available. Items not used by the guild will be sold on the AH to help fund the guild. The bank is there to help us all so please contribute items and materials when you can.