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re: [SAMPLE APP] [Warrior] Yahrurkh@Khaz'goroth


* Please link your armory profile (Battle Tag optional but preferred) below so we can talk to you in-game. For private details, drop me a forum private message (registration required) or in-game mail @ Yahrghrr#6981. (Yahrghrr#6981)


* How old are you?



* Character Professions?



* Can you consistently make our raid nights and times (those being WED, THURS, SUN, MON from 9:30pm - 12:30am ST - Sunday is 30mins earlier)? (Please not this will change with DST)



* Previous Guild(s) and reasons for leaving?

No reason, I have always been in RoE 


* What sort of raiding experience do you have? (Current Raid Tiers + Previous)

Molten Core up to Heroic SoO Dark Shamans 


* Character Class/Spec? Why have you chosen this Spec?

Fury because their mogs are kewlz


* What is your Character's offspec? Can you play this well? If required for raid would you switch?

Prot. No, I'm rubbish at prot. Yes but expect to die... a lot. 


* Why have you chosen to Gem and Enchant you gear this way?

Because Mr Robo told me to gem it this way


* Explain your rotation and cool-down usage/management:

Pool waaagh... I mean rage, colossus smash then ORC SMASH!


* How do you track your cooldowns/trinket procs/outside cooldowns?

Blizzard UI. I'm a minimalist, just like Johnny Ive 


* Link to a WWS/WMO/WoL Report (Applications without this will be ignored): - I'm Hackman!


* Screenshot of you current UI in combat (This is non-optional): - My UI is awesum!


* How did you hear about us?

I asked Grazza in-game because you guys wanted a resto shaman back then


* Do you have Ventrilo/Mumble, a working microphone and not afraid to talk?

I talk and I have funneh accent


* Do you have a way of monitoring your threat (Required)?

Omen but usually tanks lose threat when I use my one burst macro. Tanks bad, me gud!


* Do you have Deadly Boss Mods (Required)?

Yes, it keeps me from dying and makes me look smart


* What do you expect from ?



* Do you know any current members of ? (Please ask them before using as reference)

Pretty much everyone


* If required, would you be ok with sitting out for a better suited class for a fight?

Yes, I'm lazy to raid anyway


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