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PostPosted: 01/06/2014 19:21    Post subject:

Hm, still no link to your toon...

Just add me on Btag if you want to have a chat.


PostPosted: 31/05/2014 2:33    Post subject:

Hey there. An officer will contact you once you've updated your profile link and are contactable in-game. 

PostPosted: 30/05/2014 15:32    Post subject: App: erola

Application Form For Ravagers Of Evolution

This is a Horde +8GMT Australasian Guild based on the Khaz'Goroth server (Oceania PVE).

Please Note: Raid times are between 9:30pm and 12:30am server time, with invites going out 15 mins before the start. When DST is active our raids times are 10:30pm - 1:30am server time (7:30pm - 10:30pm +8GMT).

Please be as detailed with your answers as possible. This is your chance to make a good impression on us, the more you have to say the better your chances at recruitment will be!

* How old are you?
* Character Professions?
* Can you consistently make our raid nights and times (those being WED, THURS, SUN, MON from 9:30pm - 12:30am ST - Sunday is 30mins earlier)? (Please not this will change with DST)
* Previous Guild(s) and reasons for leaving?
I want to be doing Heroic raids and my old guild isnt at that level
* What sort of raiding experience do you have? (Current Raid Tiers + Previous)
Been raiding off and on since TBC with Heroic level exp in almost every raid since then Except TOT
* Character Name and i-level?
Andreen 570
* Armory Link?
I am currerntly server transfering and as such any link I post here may not work at a later date
* Character Class/Spec? Why have you chosen this Spec?
Hunter/Surv I have chosen this spec because I find it the most enjoyable to play
* What is your Character's offspec? Can you play this well? If required for raid would you switch?
OS is MM and yes I can play MM just as good as I do SV
* Why have you chosen to Gem and Enchant you gear this way?
My gems and enchants are designed to optimze my primary stats of agi>crit>haste
* Explain your rotation and cool-down usage/management:
Put up SrS and BA and keep Explosive shot on cd using CB for focus regen and AS for focus dump and to prevent capping. CD's are used on CD unless I'm saving them to use for burst such as a lust/burn phase.
* How do you track your cooldowns/trinket procs/outside cooldowns?
I do not use any special addons for this as I've never found the need to. I simply keep watch on my own.
* Link to a WWS/WMO/WoL Report (Applications without this will be ignored):
I have never used any of these preferring to showcase my abilities in raid, however it seems that the level of raiding I want to do will require this, So I will get a log to you guys as soon as I can.
* Screenshot of you current UI in combat (This is non-optional):
I Provide this as soon as the transfer comes through
* How did you hear about us?
Lookinh around for guilds on my new chosen server
* Do you have Ventrilo/Mumble,a working microphone and not afraid to talk?
of course
* Do you have a way of monitoring your threat (Required)?
* Do you have Deadly Boss Mods (Required)?
* What do you expect from <RoE>?
A decent grp of people that can actually clear content without needless wipe fests
* Do you know any current members of <RoE>? (Please ask them before using as reference)
I do not seeing as how I am transferring servers
* If required, would you be ok with sitting out for a better suited class for a fight?
Of course, that's part of being in a group it's not all about me.