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RoE is a Horde raiding guild on the realm Khaz'Goroth based on the +8GMT time zone.

RoE is focused on 10 man raids but migrating to 20 man Mythic raids in WoD. Our member base consists mainly of Australians and Singaporeans, with raiders from 40 man Molten Core up to Siege of Orgimmar.

We are currently recruiting for all WoD classes/specs! Do check the Wiki section for more details!

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Blackfuse DEAD (at last)

by Smokedod, 352 days ago

SoO 10 Heroic Blackfuse

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<RoE> is recruiting!

by Yahrurkh, 359 days ago

RoE is looking for skilled disc/shadow priests, shammies and hunters for the main raid team progressing on H-Siegecrafter and H-Garrosh. Also accepted are players keen to raid in 6.0 Mythic 20 mans and casual players of good standing within the Khaz'goroth/Dath'remar community to bolster our ranks. Whisper to Smokedod/Crankum in-game for more details.

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